Ethics in Science
course texts.

Available at Spartan Bookstore:

Deni Elliot and Judy E. Stern (eds.), Research Ethics: A Reader
ISBN 0874517974

(Bookstore sold out?  Check Amazon)

Carl Djerassi, Cantor's Dilemma: A Novel
ISBN 9780140143591

(Bookstore sold out?  You might call one of the local chain book stores to see if they have this in stock.  Or check Amazon)

Available online (via Canvas) for free or for purchase at Maple Press (408-297-1001):

PHIL 133 Course Reader

(Maple Press is at 330 S. Tenth Street, next to Sammy G's Pizza.)

If they have sold out stock on hand, you can pre-pay for an "on demand" reader; this may take a couple of business days.

Available online:

There are two articles that are available online but NOT in the dead-tree version of the course reader:

On Being a Scientist

The Belmont Report


The Spartan Book Store is located in the Student Union.

Maple Press ((408) 297-1001) is located at 330 South Tenth Street between (next to Sammy G's Pizza).

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